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Steel framing

Steel stud construction. From exterior walls, interior walls to bulkhead and ceiling framing.

Insulation and vapor barrier

Installation of exterior wall insulation and vapor barrier, as well as sound insulation. Fiberglass or wool. As well as spray foam.

Drywall and plaster

Installation of drywall on all types of surfaces (wood, steel,

concrete). We also provide the plaster finishes on drywall and concrete surfaces.


We specialize in steel framing, insulation and vapor barrier, drywall as wall as plaster for commercial building. For your complete commercial interior needs in the Ottawa region, Groupe Tré-Per is your specialist!

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We also offer our interior services for residential purposes. Are you looking for a sound insulation, drywall or a plaster job? Don't hesitate to contact Groupe Tré-Per! We're also taking care of your renovations projects, from small patchwork and paint to full kitchen and bathroom renovations.

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Why Groupe Tré‑per?

Groupe Trépanier-Perras was founded with a goal of offering great service, great quality workmanship and an overall greater business experience. Our hard working, well trained staff are always looking to improve the construction industry with our modern technologies and offer the client the best service possible.

Your Drywall specialist in Ottawa for commercial and residential projects.


Working with us

Looking for a job in the Interior System industry? We're constantly looking for new professional to join our rapidly expending team!

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