Commercial CLEANING services in the OTTAWA/GATINEAU region

cleaning service

Maintenance cleaning of offices, stores, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services as per request.

Final cleaning services

Thorough cleaning to remove all traces of construction, leaving the premises ready to be occupied and/or used.

Post Disaster Cleanup*

Rapid response to clean up and restore damage caused by floods, fires, or other disasters. Debris and other materials cleaning service.

Commercial Window and Door Cleaning*

Cleaning of doors, windows, bay windows and all interior and/or exterior glass surfaces.

Cleaning before construction*

Prepare the site by removing debris, cleaning surfaces, and ensuring a safe environment for workers.

Support Service*

Regular cleaning to keep the site clean and secure. Cleaning and maintaining construction sites, moving materials

* Service offered on request or on a regular plan.